traveling with dogs in the summer

4 Places to Take Your Dog in Summer

There’s no better season to spend quality time with your furry friend than summer. Between the longer days, heat, and overall carefree attitude the season brings, pet parents and pets alike can have fun in the sun without the stress of the outside world bringing down the vibe. If you are looking for some new pet-friendly places to explore with your four-legged companion, keep these ideas in mind as summer continues to shine.

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  1. Take your dog to the beach or lake. Let your canine companion embrace their wild side with a trip to the beach or lake. Not only are dogs are natural swimmers, but pups love playing in the sand as well! If that isn’t reason enough to stop by a beach, lakes are often surrounded by nature that your dog can explore with your supervision.
  1. Start a dog walking group. A new dog walking group is a great way to meet new people and new dogs! Not only will your canine benefit from this socializing experience, but you can learn some new tips and tricks from other pet parents.
  1. Bring your dog camping. There is no better way to spend summer than outdoors. Allow your canine to fill their senses with the aromatic smells and beautiful greenery of a campsite. A camping trip isn’t only a fun way to bond with your pup, but it also a new and unique way to help your dog exercise, while experiencing all that nature has to offer.
  1. Visit your local groomer. The summer months are hard on dogs. Unlike people–who have sweat glands all over the body–dogs only sweat from their mouths and have to pant to cool off. Help your furry friend enjoy the summer months with a trip to the groomer. While most dogs might not enjoy the actual trip or grooming, they will appreciate the after effects of feeling cooler. Keep your canine’s fur short this summer and let them run around in the water on those hotter summer days!

Keep these ideas in mind when  you and your barking buddy are looking for your next summer adventure.

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