5 Things to Know About Getting Your Child a Dog

Are you thinking about getting your child a dog this summer? Here are five things to consider when you are ready to welcome a new pup into your home.


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1. Make sure to choose a dog that is the right fit for your family. If your family is active, then choose a more energetic breed. If your family does not have a lot of space for the dog to roam, make sure you choose a dog appropriately sized for its surroundings.

2. Your child needs to be fully committed to owning a dog. With all the joy a dog brings, there is responsibility that     comes too. Make sure your child is ready to help with feeding, walking, and grooming and not just with playtime.

 3. Owning a pet is a large time commitment. Make sure your child will have time to properly take care of his or her new pup with all other after-school sports or clubs.

 4. Your entire family has to agree on this wonderful addition to the home. Check that no one in your family has any allergies to dogs.

 5. Parents must be ready for more responsibility as well. While the child should be expected to help with the tasks, parents are still going to need to pitch in.


Enjoy your new dog!


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