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Why Does Your Cat Stare at The Wall?

Cats can be mysterious creatures. They seem to live their lives to their own standards and have their own unique personalities. You can train a dog, but a cat will look at you with those eyes that say, “not today buddy.” They might even stare at you in odd ways. They can exhibit some strange behavior. It’s hard to put yourself in their place when they can seem so distant and understanding what’s going on their tiny little feline heads is almost impossible. If your cat has been staring at the wall and you want to know why, we have some answers that might help solve that mystery.

How Do Cat’s Brains Work?

Have you ever looked at your cat and wondered, “What is going on in that head?” The cat’s brain is something that scientists and pet owners alike have pondered about for a very long time. They seem to act as if they can see and hear things that are not there.

They will jolt up out of nowhere and dart across the room, for what seems like no reason at all. Or stare at the wall for long periods of time as if something more is there, when in fact not even a shadow has crossed the wall. Something must be causing them to act like this right? Probably not. Cats will do things that make no sense at all and while we may suspect they could be having behavioral issues or a medical issue, most often, they are just in their own world.

Cats Can Hear Things We Can’t

My cat will often lift his head up with a look of concern, ears perked up. It makes me wonder, what did he hear? When cats are staring at the wall or have been startled by something that is not there, there is an explanation.

They can hear better than humans can. When we think nothing at all is happening, it is possible that something within the walls is moving. It could be rodents, insects, maybe even a breeze that moves through the inner wall, since houses do breathe after all. They are aware of things that we miss. It’s most likely not a ghost, unless it is a ghost, in which case, RUN! All jokes aside, a cat staring at a wall could have a rational explanation.

Cats Also Have Excellent Vision

Felines have very good vision, which comes from their wild roots. House cats were once wild animals and counted on their vision and senses to both find prey and to keep from becoming prey. When cats stare endlessly at the wall as if something is there, it is possible that something might be there.

A tiny bug, or a shadow, or dust that has fallen from the lamp could have drifted down the wall. While we may not be able to see these small things, cats can.

Is Something Wrong with My Cat?

Is it possible that your cat could have a medical condition? Could be. Sometimes kittens that do not have playmates can develop a syndrome called hyperesthesia. Most shelters and adoption organizations suggest when getting a kitten to adopt more than one if you do not have another pet at home.

Kittens need attention, they need to play. Not having another cat or pet around can cause them to feel anxiety, and in some cases, cause hyperesthesia syndrome. If your cat is playing with you a little too hard, it’s because they were not able to learn boundaries with another kitten or pet.

They will lick themselves obsessively and exhibit other types of behavior that can seem manic; such as meowing very loudly for no reason, or chasing their own tail endlessly. While these might be some signs of a medical condition, staring at the wall is probably not a cause for concern.

What to Do If Your Cat Stares at The Wall

If your cat is continually staring at the wall and you are just beside yourself about it, calm down. There is likely nothing to worry about and nothing you can do except play with them. Take their mind off the wall by petting them, bringing their favorite toy into the room, or just call out their name.

They are much like children and need mental stimulation. Help them find something better to do and they will focus their attention elsewhere. If you lived alone, with no one else to talk to, you would probably stare at the wall at times too.

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