Fun Pet Projects to Make Your Animal Companion’s Life Extraordinary

Pets make our lives better. If you’ve ever relaxed on a recliner with a purring cat on your lap or gone on a long hike with an energetic dog, you’re likely no stranger to the way’s pets make us happier. While they’re often happy just to be by our sides, there are plenty of exciting ways we can enrich their lives and show them how much they mean to us.

There’s no friend quite like a dog. From tiny Chihuahuas to towering Irish Wolfhounds, dogs are as unique as they are sweet. Keeping them entertained usually isn’t a mystery, but we can enhance their fun by making some additions to our homes.

Outdoor Pet Projects

Many dogs love to play outside. By creating an outdoor dog run, we can assure that they are secure in their backyard activities. Pick a spot in your yard that can be fenced off, and be sure to add ramps, toys, or even a doghouse for shade on sunny days.

During the summer, your dog may appreciate having a pool to dip into. You can find pools made specifically for pups; or buy a kiddie pool at your local department store. Make sure to secure your pool with ties so it doesn’t tip over; and keep the water clean. Your pup will love having their own private water park!

If you find that your dog really values their outdoor time, it may be smart to consider installing a doggy door. Many doggy doors are easy to install and provide your pup easy access to the great outdoors.

Senior Dog Projects

Senior dogs often have a hard time climbing stairs or jumping onto your bed. To ease stress on their joints, it may be smart to install ramps in any areas where they have difficulty. A ramp up a flight of stairs will be much easier for an older pup to climb, and you won’t have to worry about them getting hurt!

If you live in a cooler climate, you may want to consider installing heated floors in your bathroom or another room in your home. Senior dogs may experience increased joint pain during the winter. Having a warm surface to curl up on will help ease their joint pain and give them a top-notch napping spot.

Pet Projects

Whether you have cats, dogs, or both, keeping their food organized can be a project of its own. An easy solution? Consider cleaning out an unused cabinet or drawer in your kitchen to create a hide-away feeding area. Keep clean bowls, food, and treats organized and away from pests with a dedicated space just for your furry friend.

Cat Projects

Cats deserve enrichment, too! No cat home is complete without a nice cat tree. Bonus points if you can find one with a scratching post or a secluded napping chamber. Hammocks also make a great lounge for any pampered feline.

If your cat feels at home in the great outdoors, consider building them a catio. These outdoor spaces are created for cats who need a little fresh air, without risking an escape or any local bird casualties. Add shelves or ramps to create a completely cat-centric space for your purring pal!

Thanks to Hippo, you can DIY a luxurious pet-centric space. And it’s easier than ever! Your pet will be thanking you for all your effort on these various pet projects, and you’ll be happy knowing that they are living a full, fulfilling life with you.

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