DGP’s November Dog of the Month: Ralph

Meet Ralph, an adopted 10 year old pitbull. As a stray dog in Kentucky, Ralph found himeself in a high-kill facility. He remained there until Secondhand Hounds came to his rescue and brought him to the Minneapolis area. Once rescued, he found a home with his pet parent Lisa and fur-sister Macie.


As an older dog, Ralph experiences vision issues and has earned himself the nickname, Wreck It Ralph. The loveable pup is a good sport about his vision problems and takes it all in stride. He doesn’t let his vision problems stop him from doing things that he loves like hunting for frogs and garter snakes in his family’s planting garden in the backyard.

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This fur-baby also enjoys going on walks with his older fur-sister Macie. The two have recently started taking DGP at the suggestion of their holistic vet. The two enjoy unwinding from their longer walks with a nap.


We are happy to see DGP giving these fur-siblings a new leash on life!

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