senior dog behaviors explained

Senior Dog Behaviors Explained

In addition to going gray and looking physically different, senior dogs behavior can also change as well. As dogs get older, their bodies go through changes. Since dogs age much more rapidly than we do, these changes can seem to happen overnight.

More barking

There are numerous reasons why senior dogs bark more: frustration, incontinence, sensory problems, or even pain. Our previous blog, Why Your SeniorDog is Barking More, explains these issues in greater detail. It’s important to note that increased barking can mean a larger health issue, so if your dog won’t stop barking, a trip to the vet might help you pinpoint theissue.

Decreased mobility

Larger breeds like retrievers, huskies, German shepherds, etc. have an even more difficult time with mobility and slowing down than smaller breeds do. You might notice that your dog can no longer get up on the couch without assistance, or that going outside to the bathroom has become a chore. DGP can help your pet with their mobility issues, and you don’t need a prescription to administer it to your aging pet.


Your older dog might be snoozing more, as senior dogs sleep more than younger adult dogs. While dogs do sleep more than we do, they take naps throughout the day and night instead of sleeping continuously. If your dog is sleeping even more than the typical senior, they might have a health issue. While you shouldn’t be worried if your dog is taking more naps, you should be concerned if they sleep in long stretches at a time. It’s nice to enjoy quiet time with your aging pet—older napping dogs make great cuddle companions.

Mild changes in your senior dog’s behavior are to be expected. Senior dogs make some of the best pets because of their laid back behavior, but if you notice extreme changes outside of the normal aging spectrum, please take your senior pet to a licensed medical professional tomake sure everything is okay.

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