Groom Your Pet the Way It Deserves with a Grooming Table

Are you going to buy a grooming table? If you need to groom your dog often, a table made for the job will sure make things easier. Whether you are cutting or brushing hair, trimming nails, or bathing the dog, a good table is a great addition to your home.

Below are some things to consider when buying your grooming table.


First, think about the pet(s) you’ll be grooming. This is the most important thing to think about. The breed and size of the dog matter when you buy a table.

Obviously, you need a larger table for a big breed, such as a German shepherd. A larger table also has stronger safety and restraining features that you need for a bigger pup.

Type of grooming table

You also can get a folding grooming table if you want to be able to get the table out of the way when your work is done.

Second, consider a grooming table that matches the way you will use it. There are mobile and foldable tables, simple home grooming tables, electric tables, and hydraulic tables.

Electric and hydraulic tables are the best choices if you’re a professional groomer.

Restraining system

Third, make sure you choose the proper restraining system for your dog and table. The best tables have a good harness, noose, and restraints. These accessories are vital to keep the dog in position during the grooming process. You want to keep the dog as immobile as possible so you can do your work. Also, keeping the dog retrained keeps them from falling and getting hurt.

The surface of the table is another important factor to consider. Most of them have a non-skid surface so your dog can’t slip and fall. Also, you should be able to replace the top after many uses. This way, you don’t have to throw away the whole thing when the top wears out.

Fourth, think about grooming table arms. The arms are metallic bars that attach to your restraints. There are two arm types that you need to consider, based on the tabletop size.

H-bar arms are fixed and attach to both sides of the table. They are a good option for panicky dogs. Regular arms are more common with professional groomers because there is more space and freedom.

These are the key factors to think about when you are going to invest in a dog grooming table, so make sure you think it over before buying.

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