Hammy DGP Dog of the Month 2019

January 2019 DGP Dog of the Month: Hammy

Meet the DGP Dog of the Month for January 2019! We’re proud to introduce Hammy. He’s a people-dog, as he has never met a person that he did not absolutely love. He does not do well with cats. He can get along with other dogs but needs to be introduced to them very slowly. Not only is Hammy joyous in all things, but he especially loves to go on walks, run around outside, and play with his stuffed hamburger toy. 

This five year old goofball is currently available for adoption through Ruff Start Rescue in Minnesota. Ruff Start is one of our charitable partners and a DGP Cares contest participant. You can find out more information about Hammy and all their other adoptable pets on their website by clicking here.

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