Roosevelt Fala

Famous Dogs of the White House

There are many prestigious pooches that have graced the halls of the White House. From Lincoln to Obama, many presidents have brought their pets to live with them during their presidential terms. Each president has a unique love for his dog (or dogs), making for some fun things to learn about their companionship.

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Fala

FDR had many presidential pets, but his trusty sidekick was a Scottish Terrier named Fala. She was actually named after his Scottish ancestor. Her full name was Murray the Outlaw of Falahill. Every night she would sleep on a chair next to the president’s bed. She was a hit with his friends and business partners, always wagging her tail and performing tricks.

Abraham Lincoln’s Fido

Lincoln rescued Fido, a stray yellow mutt, from the streets of his town of Springfield. Lincoln kept Fido at home when he became president because he was fearful that the stress of the new location would be unhealthy for his faithful companion.

Ulysses S. Grant’s Faithful

Grant’s dog was a Newfoundland named Faithful, who was actually owned by his son Jesse. When Grant moved the dog into the White House he told the staff, “If this dog dies, every employee in the White House will at once be discharged.”

Grover Cleveland’s Many Dogs

Cleveland was a huge dog lover. He had many dogs during his time as president, including a Cocker Spaniel, Collie, St. Bernard, French Poodle, several Dachshunds, and several Foxhounds. What a full house!

Cleveland dog

Theodore Roosevelt’s Rollo

While Roosevelt had many dogs, his favorite was a St. Bernard named Rollo. His friend continually tried to give him the 200-pound dog until Roosevelt finally gave in and took Rollo into the White House. The St. Bernard was known for his love of children, always putting up with their rough games with a happy spirit. You never know when you can make a new (large) best friend!

Roosevelt Rollo


Barack Obama’s Sunny and Bo

The most recent dogs of the White House are Sunny and Bo, both Portuguese Water Dogs. President Obama promised his two daughters that he would get them a dog if he won the presidential election of 2008, which is how Bo came along. After winning a second term in 2012, the Obamas added Sunny to the family.

Obama's dogs


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Which dog will be the next to guard the halls of the White House? We will shortly see!


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