Pet Safety: Holiday Gift Giving

With the holiday gift giving season upon us, it is important to remember that while we want to include our canines in on the fun, it is more important to keep them safe. When receiving festive gifts, be sure to remember to keep these items away from your pets.

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Holiday plants. While your dog may be unable to care for a plant, they are able to play with them. Keep plants out of  reach of those curious canines as they may try to snack on a poinsettia or two. Snacking on holiday plants may leave your pet with an upset stomach or a rash! Placing plants out of your pet’s reach is the easiest way to keep them safe.

Coffee or Hot Chocolate. The holiday gift giving season isn’t complete without receiving at least one coffee mug with coffee beans or cocoa inside. Make sure you do not share the contents of the mug with your furry friends. The effects of either coffee beans or cocoa on animals are extreme and may lead to a trip to the vet. If your pet decides to sniff around new gifts make sure they are out of harms way.

Bows and ribbons. Pet’s love a nicely wrapped gift just as much as people do! Be careful with ribbons and bows after they are removed from presents and make sure to throw them in the trash. Your fur baby may think a bow is the perfect new toy and end up needing surgery to remove the unwanted object from their system.

Bath products. Aside from the last minute gifting effort, bath products may seem like a perfectly acceptable gift. Remember the products that are used for humans are not always safe for pets to use. Often times, bath products may contain elements, such as magnesium sulfate, that can poison your animals. Be sure to use veterinary approved products during your pet’s next bath.

Gift giving is stressful enough without the added worry of what will happen to our pets. Make sure to keep your pet safe this holiday season, by giving them their own new toys to keep them occupied while you are enjoying your new holiday treats!

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