Sheba looking energetic after using DGP

DGP’s June Dog of the Month: Sheba

Meet Sheba: DGP’s June Dog of the Month.
Sheba is an 11 year old cattle dog mix who loves to play and go on walks, but she began to have trouble with mobility, preventing her from enjoying such activities. In the last 2-3 years, Sheba showed signs of aging. She wouldn’t move around the house as quickly anymore. After laying down for prolonged periods of time, she would limp around and barely be able to walk. Kerri, Sheba’s pet parent, saw that it was getting hard for Sheba to walk, no matter the distance. Instead, Sheba would just stand around, looking like she wanted to go back home and lay down. It was clear Sheba’s mobility, movement, and flexibility were weakening and Kerri had to find a solution.
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After realizing the changes in Sheba, Kerri tried various natural remedies that she heard would help older dogs, such as fish oil, coconut oil, and homemade turmeric paste. Sadly, these products didn’t help Sheba enough. Then Kerri was introduced to DGP and Sheba began to show signs of improvement.

Sheba is back to her happy self after DGP

Within the first week, a change in Sheba was clear. Her fun-loving personality began to shine through again and her activity level increased. She was no longer depressed and didn’t mope around the house. She would be alert towards everything happening around her. Kerri couldn’t believe it; it was a miracle!

Now, when taking Sheba for a walk, it is as if Sheba is taking Kerri for a walk. Sheba is back to her energetic self. She runs and plays with all the other dogs around the neighborhood, sometimes being more active than the puppies. DGP is definitely helping Sheba enjoy her golden years with a ton of happiness.

Sheba playing outside

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