How to Have a Safe Nighttime Walk

Walking your dog once you come home from work is a great idea, but as fall progresses the sun sets even earlier. A nighttime walk is always enjoyable, but a little bit of preparation is needed. It is simple to have a fun and safe nighttime walk if you take a few extra precautions. Here area few tips in order to make the most of your sunset stroll. 

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  1. Always use a leash. It is important that your dog does not run off into the middle of the street, and a leash will do the trick. Have a firm hand on the leash at all times to protect your pup from making a breakaway. Nighttime is the worst time to lose your dog, so hold on tight. Make sure that you can always see your dog, and that they don’t stray from their path.
  2. Your dog should already have an ID tag on their collar, but this becomes increasingly important when going on a walk. In case your pup does get away, someone will be able to contact you as long as that ID is on and secure.
  3. Wear bright clothing or reflective stripes. There are leashes and doggy vests out there that light up in order to best protect your furry friend.  You can also throw on a pair of runners leggings or pants with reflective stripes on the side, or buy a jacket with shiny, reflective fabric. While it isn’t the trendiest look, it will ensure that everyone will be able to see you and your pup.
  4.  Think before you walk. Try to walk in well-lit areas that you are familiar with. You do not want to risk your safety by trying a new route at night. Just find a path you feel safe and confident in, and stick to it.
  5. Flashlights are a great addition. If possible, strap a small light to your dog’s collar and hold one yourself. You could wear a head flashlight or strap one onto your jacket as well. You will illuminate your path even more, and there is a greater chance that others will see you.
  6. Walk against traffic if you have to walk near a road. You will be able to see the oncoming traffic more easily. Try to stay away from busy roads, if possible, and walk on sidewalks when you can.
  7. Make sure to have your phone on you in case of an emergency, but don’t use it during the walk. Texting and tweeting are not the priority at the moment so refrain from them for 20 or so minutes.

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Overall, be cautious, alert, and as smart as possible. Stay on your toes and try to protect yourself and your furry companion. They will have a great walk no matter what, so adding a few safety precautions will only help the stroll, not hinder it. Small fixes will help protect the safety of you both. Just be mindful of your surroundings in order to best understand how to be safest during a nighttime walk.

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