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Why Your Dog is Shedding

Shedding is a natural thing that all dogs do. Old or damaged hair simply falls out and allows for new hair to grow in its place. The different seasons and weather may also play a role in shedding. Most dogs have thicker coats in the winter and shed more in the spring and summer. However, if you dog spends a majority of its time inside, the difference will not be as drastic as an outside dog, and they may shed all year long.

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There is no set amount of what is considered “normal shedding” just like there is no normal rate to human hair loss. Shedding in dogs can be normal, or it can be a sign of poor nutrition, stress, or a medical problems. It is best to go to a professional veterinarian who will be able to educate you further if you are concerned.

shedding dog

Here are a few tips on how to control shedding at home.

  1. Brush your dog. Not only will you be keeping their coat cleaner and softer, but you will be taking out the excess hair as well.
  2. Bathe your dog. This is more important the more your dog is outside or in the summer. It will get all of the excess hair off and will clean their skin.
  3. Feed your dog an appropriate diet. Make sure that your dog is getting all of the supplements and protein they need through a healthy food.
  4. Control fleas. Trips to the veterinarian will ensure that your dog is healthy and does not have any underlying conditions. A medicine for fleas or ticks might be prescribed to control infestations.

Since dog shedding is a normal and healthy process, you should not worry unless you see certain signs that persist for more than a week. A few worrisome signs are:

  1. Bald spots
  2. Open sores
  3. Dull, dry hair that falls out easily
  4. Scratching
  5. Constant face rubbing or foot licking

A simple trip to your local vet will explain the problem deeper and clarify any other concerns.

dalmatian shedding

While shedding is a normal process that can be annoying with extra hair around the house, it is not an issue. It is manageable with baths, hair brushes, and frequent vacuuming around the house. Please check with a professional if you are concerned about your pet’s hair loss or have any questions.

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