4 Easy DIY Cat Toys

Give your cat a brand-new toy made with a bunch of love! Design and create toys for your furry feline right at home with these simple steps. Your cat won’t be able to stop purring when they get their paws on these DIY cat toys!

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Catnip Sock

Keep your cat occupied, happy, and relaxed with a sock full of catnip! Simply find an unwanted sock without holes or rips. Stuff the chosen sock with dried catnip along with extra pieces of fabric to make the sock larger. Once the sock is stuffed to your liking, tie it together tightly or sew the sock closed with a needle and thread.

Toilet Roll Catnip Sock

Thinking of a more extravagant catnip sock? Don’t worry, make your feline’s toy bigger and better by adding a toilet paper roll to the mix! Find a very long sock or cut off a sleeve from an old long-sleeve shirt. Put the toilet paper roll inside the fabric and stuff the catnip into the toilet paper roll. After you add the catnip, tie the ends of the fabric to secure the toilet paper roll inside the sock or sleeve.

Mini Pom Pom

There’s something about stringy toys that cats can’t resist! Entertain yours by designing a specially made mini pom-pom toy right at home with just a couple of materials! Using cotton string, place the start of the string on the palm of your hands and wrap it around your hand 50-60 times. Once you have wrapped the string, slide it off your hand and tie a piece of string around the center to hold it together. After doing so, use scissors to cut the ends of the loops to make more fringe.

Puzzle box

Keep your cat on its toes! Use your creativity to design a personalized puzzle box for your feline friend to play with. A puzzle box is not only fun for your cat, but can also be used as a brain stimulant. Using a cardboard or plastic box (food container) cut different shapes into the lid and place different items in the box that correlate with the cut-outs on the lid.

Spoil your furry friend with these four easy DIY cat toys!

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