Dark Throne: DGP’s October Cat of the Month

Meet Dark Throne, DGP’s October Cat of the Month! Dark Throne is a metal loving, head-banging feline who loves to rock out with his pet parent. This music loving cat can’t listen to enough black metal or his pet parent’s drumming!

Over the years, his pet parent started to notice that he was not as active as he used to be when their daily drum sessions came to an end. He even took to hiding under the couch instead of spending the day dancing with his pet parent. His pet family was very worried about him and decided to try DGP to help improve his health.

After incorporating DGP into Dark Throne’s diet, his pet parent started to see a huge difference. He became much more active and no longer hid under the couch. Dark Throne even started to spend more time rocking out with his favorite pet parent again.

We are very happy to make a difference and help Dark Throne be able to spend quality time with his pet parent.

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