A Pet’s Guide to Water Safety

The best way to cool off in the summer, for dogs and pet parents is alike, is to jump in the water. Whether you plan to spend your summer by the lake or lounging at the pool, it is crucial to create a safe environment for you and your pup. The water poses numerous hazards for your canine companion, but we have five water safety tips to help ensure a fun, relaxing, and cool summer!

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  1. Dogs don’t swim naturally. Although its called the doggie paddle, our pets, just like humans, need to learn how to swim and get comfortable in the water. Allow your pet to get accustomed to shallow water before taking on deeper depths.
  2. Get your furry friend a life-jacket. Invest in a dog-sized life preserver to keep your dog afloat. Make sure to have a life jacket on hand when near water or on a boat. Accidents can happen at any moment with a novice, or even advanced, canine swimmers. 
  3. Give your pup a rest. Be aware that swimming can be exhausting for dogs. Dogs, like people, are more vulnerable when tired and may be at higher risk of drowning. Make sure to monitor how long your dog has been in the water and limit swim time when necessary.
  4. Keep your eye out. Watch your barking buddy when you are around water. Your dog can easily fall into the pool and be unable to exit. Some dogs love to swim laps without their pet parent in the water with them. If that’s the case, you should still keep a close eye on your furry friend and stay in close enough proximity that you can get to them if something goes wrong.

  5. Cool off in a baby pool. Some short-snouted dog breeds, such as Boston Terriers and English Bulldogs, are not meant to doggie paddle. If they are struggling to swim, consider setting up an inflatable or plastic baby pool to let them cool off in. Not only are they a safe option for un-natural swimmers to cool off in, but they’re also great for dogs who love to swim, but don’t have 24/7 access to a pool.

Follow these water safety tips to ensure a safe, water-filled summer for you and your dog.

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