Doobie: DGP’s June Cat of the Month

Meet Doobie, DGP’s June Cat of the Month. Doobie has been with his pet parents since he was a kitten.

This cool cat recently became a big brother to feline sibling Amy. Often you can find Doobie and Amy playing with their toys or chewing on plants together. However, all that changed a few months ago when this curious cat began to slow down and feel the effects of his age.

His pet parents were concerned that he wouldn’t be able to participate in all the activities he loves so much and looked for solutions. They stumbled across DGP and the results have been great. Not only is this feline back to playing with his best friend and sister, Amy, but you can also find him jumping up to the windowsill and watching the squirrels outside.

Doobie’s pet parents are happy to see him and Amy cuddling together and hope that their friendship will continue to grow over the years.

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