23 Interesting Canine “Fun Facts” That May Not Have Known. Some Of Them Were News To Me!

 Did you know…

  1. Dogs are descended from wolves.
  2. The normal body temperature of dogs is 101.5°F. They regulate their body temperature by panting.
  3. Dogs have 231 bones and 42 permanent teeth.
  4. Dogs are prone to tuberculosis.
  5. Similar to humans, dogs tend to have a dominant “hand” they usually use when only one “hand” is needed.
  6. Chocolate is toxic for dogs.
  7. There are seven types of blood groups among canines.
  8. The average life span of dogs varies from 8 to 15 years.
  9. The sweat glands in dogs are located between their paw pads.
  10. The normal gestation period of canines varies from 60 to 65 days.
  11. Dogs’ respiratory rates and heart rates vary from 10 to 30 breaths/minute and 70 to 120 beats/minute, respectively.
  12. Dogs have night vision as the number of rod cells in their eyes is greater than that of cone cells.
  13. Dogs DO see in color, just not as vivid as the color that humans see.
  14. Dogs can be identified by their nose prints.
  15. Dalmatians develop black spots only after they grow older. The puppied are pure white in color.
  16. Laika (named after the dog’s Russian breed; literal meaning: “Barker”) is the first dog to travel to outer space.
  17. Saluki is the oldest breed of dog.
  18. Lhasa Apso guarded Tibetan temples.
  19. Pekingese, the royal dog of  China, was once considered to be sacred; common men could not own this      breed.
  20. The Mastiff (28-30 inches, 175 to 190 pounds) and Saint Bernard (24 to 28 inches, 110-200 pounds) are the heaviest      breeds
  21. The Chihuahua (6 to 9 inches, 6 pounds) is the smallest.
  22. The Irish Wolfhound (28 to 35 inches at the shoulders) is the tallest breed.
  23. Mixed breeds” and “Cross breeds” are NOT the same. Mixed breed dogs have various lineage that is most likely unknown, as for cross breds, they are only 2 different breeds of dogs combined together. Mixed breed dogs are less likely to suffer from inherited diseases and disabilities than purebred dogs are.

If you know any canine fun facts please share them!

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