Caring for Senior Cats: Signs of Aging Edition

It may seem that cats actually do have nine lives, but there will come a time when their age will finally catch up with them. When that time comes, it is our job as pet parents to ensure that our purring pals are comfortable and well taken care of. Cats are notorious for hiding any weakness or illness they may be facing and because of that fact, we as pet parents must be constantly monitoring their behavior for changes that may indicate an aging feline. A cat may experience aging gradually or all at once, but after age 10 be aware that the signs of aging will start to appear. Prepare for your feline’s elder years by looking out for these signs.

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A change in diet

You may notice your feeding feline eating less, eating more slowly, or losing weight rapidly. This may be due to a change in the digestive system of your older cat. Usually these changes lead to a difficulty digesting fat in addition to frequent bouts of constipation. If you notice your cat’s eating habits have changed, try changing their diet from large daily meals to frequent smaller meals throughout the day.

Avoiding their favorite perches

As a cat owner, you may notice your felines enjoy a view from above. Oftentimes a cat may spend a majority of their day on top of the refrigerator or a cabinet. If you notice your cat isn’t spending time in those high up places anymore, it may be due to discomfort in their joints. Add DGP to your purring pal’s daily routine to help them continue to enjoy their beloved bird’s eye view of their home.

New grooming habits

At this point in your cat’s life you have learned that they are meticulous about their appearance. It may seem odd when your cat doesn’t groom after an activity that may leave a single hair out of place. However, a limited range of motion in their elder years may limit the once constant grooming . As your cat ages, they may find the act of grooming to be too tiresome to complete. Be sure to brush your pet daily if this is the case. A daily grooming session may help remove dead hair and leave your feline feeling refreshed as well as stimulate circulation.

Watching a pet age is never easy and should be taken seriously. Be sure to visit your veterinarian as your cat gets older and if there are any major health concerns.


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