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Superfoods for Super Dogs

“No begging!” Pet parents everywhere are guilty of saying this phrase to their furbabies at least once. Have you ever thought about why your canine companion just can’t resist your food? And no, it isn’t because they are being greedy. Dogs just want to eat what we eat, it looks far more appealing than dried kibble. However, sharing human food with dogs may be dangerous; their systems might not react the same way. Don’t worry, superfoods to the rescue! These healthy nutrient rich foods for people are great for sharing with your furry friends too.

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  1. Eggs. Get your pet involved in your breakfast routine by sharing this delicious protein with them! As your dog ages, they may start to slow down, but the addition of eggs in their diets may support muscle strength. If your pet is facing aging issues, such as arthritis, try adding DGP and eggs to their diet to improve their mobility!
  2. Sweet Potatoes. This nearly perfect food could be fed to your dog daily! The abundance of nutrients found in sweet potatoes may help fight signs of aging in pets. Sweet potatoes can be made into treats for your pet or shared after cooked fully. Try our special sweet potato recipe!
  3. Kale. There is a lot of hype surrounding this superfood and rightfully so. This leafy vegetable contains anti-inflammatory properties that may help improve your aging canine’s mobility.
  4. Broccoli. Another great treat for your dog, broccoli is great raw or cooked. Keep your four-legged friend’s fur healthy with these tasty trees.
  5. Flax Seed. While a smoothie may not be best for your dog, flax seed can help keep their skin and fur healthy. Sprinkle ground flax seed into your dog’s dish to experience the benefits.

Next time you see your pet begging for your food, give them a taste of these superfoods! Remember, when you begin to incorporate any new food into your dog’s diet, do it gradually and consult a veterinarian if you are unsure.

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