Socks aka Kitty: DGP’s April Cat of the Month

Meet Socks DGP’s April Cat of the Month. Socks prefers to be called Kitty and at 14 years old will most likely only respond to her nickname.

This curious cat can often be found embracing her feline instincts hunting critters in the backyard. However, all good things must come to an end and her hunting days seemed to be over as she aged. Kitty’s pet parents weren’t ready to see their happy, active cat slow down and introduced DGP to her diet.

After a few years on DGP, Kitty is back to her old self. With daily doses of DGP, this feline is back to being the queen of her backyard and would make her lion cousins proud. She can even be found prancing around the yard, or resting in her own special patch of nature.

We are so happy to see Kitty being able to do all the things she loves with the help of DGP.

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