Nanny 911 For Dogs

Introducing Victoria Roseour very own Nanny 911 for dogs and their parents! 

Victoria will be a regularly featured writer every Thursday. Her articles will offer doggie parenting tips on…

  • Puppy Socialization
  • How To Help Your Dog Lose Weight
  • Everything in-between!

So, who is Victoria?

Victoria has been a “Dog Mom” since her early teens. She started training her dogs in 4H, 40 years ago when harsh “Old School Jerk-and-Pull” methods were the norm. As a teenager and young adult, she trialed with her Labrador Retriever, Tamara, in American Kennel Club (AKC) obedience events.

Years later, as an adult, she learned and adopted gentle methods to train dogs. Victoria credits reading Pat Miller’s writings and the Whole Dog Journal for her education, which motivated her to “crossover” to positive, reward-based methods. (Victoria practices techniques similar to those of Ms. Stilwell of Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or The Dog.”)

Victoria then competed in agility trials with her Doberman, Dancer, and is proud of their accomplishments:

  • Finishing “in the ribbons” (top four spots) 2/3rd’s of the time they ran.
  • She and Dancer obtained their CD degree (AKC obedience)
  • Trained in personal protection
  • Performed hour-long trick shows at schools and nursing homes

Victoria started training professionally in October 2002 while living in a small Oregon coastal town that had only one dog trainer, one who practiced force methods.

(Victoria’s dogs have always been her “kids” and she currently is “mom” to Jetta, another Doberman, who is almost 11.)

Victoria wanted to offer the community an option of training with gentle methods. So she:

  • Developed her own 5-hour “Basic Lesson”, which teaches dogs to calm themselves and look for direction.
  • She teaches owners leadership skills and how to properly manage dogs until they are being trained.
  • She preaches exercise which means daily running for almost all dogs — her lesson contains 17 ideas on how to run dogs who cannot be trusted off-leash.

Finally, she teaches her students how dogs learn…

“When you have a calm dog looking for direction,” she says, “and you are the leader, and are managing and exercising them properly, and you know how dogs learn, you can teach them just about anything you want.”

From that experience Victoria created her 155-page training manual,

“Baby steps to building a great dog!”

“It’s not a dog training book you read and then go train your dog,” she says. It’s a step-by-step guide. It’s like following a recipe while cooking. Read a line, do it. Read a line, do it. It’s easy and I guarantee students and their dogs can do it or they don’t pay. I actually offer money-back guarantees on all my lessons.”

Victoria is passionate about helping her students understand, accept and implement everything required to meet their responsibilities as doggie parents.

“So many people blame their dogs for their disharmonious relationships.” Victoria says “that it is almost never the dog. It is almost always the people. The people just need some education. And that is what she provides. She doesn’t really train dogs; she trains people!”

Besides conducting private dog training lessons in-home in Oregon, and throughout the U.S. via the phone or her “Baby Steps” training manual, Victoria publishes a free subscriber e-newsletter with hundreds of “Doggie Parenting tips and tricks on loving and living with dogs.”

To learn more about her nationwide training and subscribe to her free e-newsletter visit

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