Caring For A Senior Pet – Where Did The Time Go?

I noticed a few weeks ago that my wonderful mixed breed, Alias, was a bit gray around the muzzle…

When did that happen?

Then, I noticed when I took her to the dog park she was slower than many of her doggie friends and needed to rest more often…

Why is this happening?

That night, after a full day of play, all she wanted to do was lie in her bed and sleep…

What is happening?

Then I realized – Alias is over 8 and is a “senior” dog that is starting to show her age!

Her entire life, Alias has been in really good shape and very active.  But I have to admit I just didn’t notice any of changes but thinking back on it now she has been showing some subtle signs over the past few months.

I knew it was time to change some things!

The first thing I did was pay a visit to her veterinarian to make sure it was nothing more than just age.  Thank goodness it wasn’t and I was assured that Alias was in good health and would be tipping over the kitchen garbage and then curling up in my lap looking for forgiveness for many years to come!

Then we discussed various lifestyle changes that will help keep her healthy and active.  These included:

  •  Tailoring her diet to a food specifically formulated for older dog’s
  • Adding various supplements to support her mobility, immune system and digestion
  • Customizing her physical activities so she doesn’t get too tired out and/or injure herself

Fortunately, while Alias is getting older she is still in good health but not every dog is that fortunate!

Dr. Nancy Kay recently published a blog about how important it is to “recognize and care for special medical needs created by the aging process.”  Some age-related problems which can progress so slowly that they may go unnoticed, can be serious and a real threat to your pet’s health.

If you are interested in learning about her tips for recognizing common age-related problems go to…

Please let me know about what you think and if you have any suggestions for me and other DGPforpets blog readers.

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