Rocket, Aphrodite, and Zeus: DGP’s September Cats of the Month

Meet DGP’s latest Cats of the Month: Rocket, Aphrodite, and Zeus! These three feline siblings started life on the wrong paw. Before finding their loving cat parent, they were living in harsh conditions and were extremely malnourished.

The little cat family was found abandoned underneath a car in a shopping center parking lot. One day, their savior and eventual adopted parent heard them meowing in the parking lot and couldn’t ignore them. Rocket, Aphrodite, and Zeus’ pet parent is thankful and happy she found the three furry friends before they were harmed.

Despite the furry brothers and sister’s young age, they have had terrible nutritional deficiencies that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. These deficiencies have led to other ailments, such as mobility issues. Throughout their time with their adopted cat parent these feline siblings have had a hard time getting around the house. Their mobility became such an issue that their pet parent looked for solutions. DGP was the solution these cool cats needed. Not only will you find them lounging around the house, but they are more likely to explore their surroundings. Rocket, Aphrodite, and Zeus are now inseparable and  happy in their furr-ever home with their loving pet parent.

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