Dog-Friendly Fruits

Who doesn’t love fresh, ripe fruit in the summer? Your dog probably wants some of the mouth-watering, juicy treats too, but be careful when sharing your summer fruit salad with your furry friend. Some fruits are excellent for dogs, while others should be avoided.

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Here’s a list of scrumptious fruits you can give to your dog:

  • Apples –  great for pups to chomp on, just make sure they don’t ingest a large amount of the seeds
  • Bananas – dogs gobble away, you just may want to peel it first
  • Blueberries – enjoy a bowl of these sweet treats
  • Kiwis – a small snack for any size pup
  • Lemons – tell your dog to go ahead, and you can even have some fun watching their reaction to the tartness
  • Oranges – share this Vitamin C loaded fruit with your dog
  • Peaches – peaches are great, just make sure your dog does not swallow the pit
  • Pineapples – for a tropical twist, give your dog some fresh pineapple
  • Strawberries – feel free to enjoy this quintessential summer snack with your pup
  • Watermelon – this ultimate summer fruit can be shared with your dog, so long as they do not eat the rind


Stick to giving your dog just the fruits listed above and they will be happy and healthy. Other fruits, such as raisins, grapes, and cherries can cause issues, such as vomiting or kidney failure.


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