Pet Adoption – How Best Friends Meet!

Job senior dog

Job is Happy and Healthy!

My name is Job and I have a wonderful story to tell:

I met my human mom at a pet adoption event on Saturday, August 21, 2004.

She fell in love with me right on the spot, but didn’t take me home because she already had a Rottweiler named Apache.  When my future mom got home she told Apache all about me – how pretty I was, how kind I was and how I had beautiful eyes just like his.  She told him she would have adopted me, but she knew it wouldn’t work having two male Rottweilers in the same house.  She told all of her friends about me to see if anyone could help get me off “death row.”

She was such a wonderful mom to Apache – she came home each and every day at lunch to let him out to do his business; then back in the house with enough time for some cuddles.  When she made her usual afternoon visit that Wednesday, Apache gave her “the look” she had been dreading.  Unfortunately, Apache had been diagnosed with lymph node cancer, but my mom expected him to be with her for years to come with the treatment she was giving him.

But Apache’s look said, “I’m tired Mom and I want to go home.”  She told Apache, “okay baby, I’ll call the vet and we’ll go this afternoon.”  You see Apache’s tumors were getting bigger in his throat and he was having trouble breathing.  She kissed him goodbye and went back to work.  She made a 3:30PM appointment with the vet for the same day.  She came home, changed clothes and took her precious baby to the vet for the last time.  She stayed with him the entire time. She kissed him, loved on him, stroked his fur and made absolutely sure that he knew how very important he was to her.  She told him he was her “best friend” but that she loved him enough to let him go and that she would see him again. She made the decision to have Apache cremated so he could always be with her.  She was very, very sad on her way home and it broke her heart to tell her friends about Apache.  Even though she had just lost her best friend she thought about me.  Wondering if I was still alive?  She made some calls and found out I WAS ALIVE!  She told one of her friends “I’m going to get him tomorrow and bring him home with me.”  See, I already knew this.

Thursday, August 26th she came and adopted me!!!!  We have been together ever since and I know she loves me very much – she tells me all the time.  She tells me how pretty I am and how I helped fill a hole in her heart.  She will sit on the floor with me and just look into my eyes and she knows how very, very much I love her.  She’s always telling me that I’m a “good boy” and I’m so sweet.  She plays with me, feeds me good food and sometimes I get a bite of mom’s food too!  I have toys; she brushes me and takes really good care of me. Plus, I have those really cool bones with real meat on them that she buys at the feed store.  She takes me to visit this office where the vet people wear “scrubs” and even they tell me how pretty I am!

I know she still loves Apache and she always will, but you know what?  SHE LOVES ME TOO!!!  She has assured me that I will always stay with her and be her “baby boy.” She’s a foster Mom so we have babies in the house until they get adopted.  They play with me and I teach them doggie things.  She cries every time one gets adopted, but she knows that she’ll have another one soon. She didn’t adopt me – I adopted her because I fell in love with her.

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  1. Kerri Smith says:

    Way to go Dale. God bless you, Job and all the critters you help save. You’re pretty awesome in my book. 🙂


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