DGP’s September Dog of the Month: Jikki

Meet Jikki our September Dog of the Month. Jikki is an almost 15 year old silky terrier. This furry friend enjoys going for walks with her pet parent, Janet. However, as an older dog, Jikki has developed problems with her mobility. Her pet parents became increasingly concerned when Jikki preferred to sleep over playing with other dogs in her building.

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Relief came to the family when Jikki’s pet parents read about DGP in Country Magazine. Before DGP, Jikki had trouble walking up the three steps to the porch. Now, you can find Jikki, confidently, walking or running up the 16 stairs to her third floor apartment. When shes feeling adventurous you might even see her walking up the 23 steps from the garage to her apartment. Jikki started taking DGP in April, and her pet parents noticed improvement in two weeks time! Anytime Jikki hears the shake of the DGP bottle she comes running.

Pics - Jikki 005

While Jikki still sleeps a lot (she is almost 15), she has also made a friend in the neighbor dog she once was afraid of. Both Jikki and her new canine friend share post walk treats. She’s even willing to share her beloved DGP medicine.  DGP has given Jikki the opportunity to enjoy her golden years!

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