Willow: DGP’S March Cat of the Month

Feline fanatics everywhere rejoice, March is here and so is DGP’s newest Cat of the Month! Meet Willow, 9 year old Maine Coon, and latest DGP star. Willow has a zest for life that is all her own. As the matriarch of her pet family she is looked up to by both her feline and canine siblings.

Life hasn’t always been charmed for the feline star. As she has gotten older over the last year she has begun to slow down. It became so noticeable that her pet parent looked into new ways to improve her mobility.

After a few months on DGP, Willow is back to her old self! With a new leash on life Willow is ready to conquer her favorite laser teaser toy. Not only will you find her playing with laser teasers and toy mice, but she can also keep up with the newest addition to the family, a puppy. If that doesn’t prove her mobility is back and better than before, we don’t know what will!

If you think your pet is slowing down, try DGP to help improve their mobility!

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