Doggy Summer Outings

The dog park, beach, or even a baseball game are great doggy summer outings.

If you want to treat your dog to a morning or afternoon of doggy fun in the sun, grab the leash and strap on your sandals or sneakers.


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The dog park is a fantastic place to bring your pet if she or he is comfortable around other dogs. Parks are ideal locations for both you and your dog to make new friends! Most towns have parks, or sections of parks, specifically designed to accommodate doggy needs and may even provide you with doggy bags for easy clean up. To find a dog park in your area, check your town or county’s website.


The beach is a fun place where your dog can cool off, enjoy the breeze, and show off his or her doggy-paddle. Swimming is good exercise for dogs. Many dogs love the water and will be very thankful to you for bringing them to the beach for a cool summer dip.


Several baseball stadiums have designated dog days. You can search for your local team’s calendar of events and see if they have a ‘bring your dog to the game’ day listed this summer. This can be a new, fun experience for your dog. Maybe your dog will even catch a fly ball!


The summer is a great time for dogs to explore the outdoors, but make sure they stay hydrated and cool. Read more on how to beat the heat.

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