Aly: DGP’s March Dog of the Month

Meet Aly, a 9-year old boxer, bull dog, and sheep dog mix and latest DGP Dog of the Month. This curious canine can most likely be found exploring the yard or sun bathing.


Aly has been suffering from arthritis and hip dysplasia for years without much relief or complaint until recently. The pain had become so intense lately that she would often whine in pain. The only activities you would find her participating in were naps! Her pet parent grew increasingly worried as they desperately searched for a cure.

Their worry soon disappeared with the introduction of DGP into Aly’s diet! With the help of DGP, this adventure dog can now do all the things she loves to do again. She has even begun to lead her fellow pet siblings on back yard expeditions because moving has become that easy.

Aly’s pet parent is happy to see her furbaby acting like her old self again and couldn’t be happier for the inclusion of DGP in her dog’s diet.

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