Winter Safety Tips for Senior Dogs

Winter is here and so is the cold weather! The cold weather can affect our furry friends just as much as it can affect people. As the weather gets colder our dogs behavior may change because they are uncomfortable, be sure to keep an eye on them both inside and outside. It is important to keep them safe, warm, and healthy during the colder months with these winter safety tips.

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Dress to impress. While your dog may have a fur coat to keep them warm, it may not be enough. Remember that not all dogs are made for cold weather. If you find your dog shivering during their play time outdoors try giving your dog a sweater or extra layer of clothing to stay warm during their time outside.

Start a winter diet. A dog’s diet may need to change with the seasons like people. If you consider your furry friend an outdoor dog, remember to feed them accordingly. On the other hand, indoor dogs sleep more and exercise less. These dogs need to be feed less than outdoor dogs. Don’t overfeed your pets or give them too many empty calories.

Take a walk in the sun. A sensitive pup might not like being outside in the cold weather. Make sure to take a walk during the daylight hours to give your pet as much warmth as possible. Not only will you be giving you and your dog vitamin D from the sun, but your pet will most likely be more playful and get a few extra minutes of exercise in as well!

Stay away from heaters. Keep a close eye on those wandering pups. In the cold months, dogs sometimes like to cuddle up to something warm like a space heater or fireplace. Watch your pet to make sure they aren’t too close or burn themselves on the heat source.

Keep your dog moving. Like people, your dog’s joints may be more stiff in the cold weather. If you see your dog slowing down try adding DGP to their daily meals for a mobility boost!

Remember these winter safety tips when trying to keep your canine companion this winter.

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