How to Have a Safe Winter Walk

During the cold winter months our furry friends may not get as much exercise as they need. In many cases this is due to snow covering their outdoor play areas. While, there is nothing that can prevent snowfall except for a move across the country, there are some tips to keep your pet safe during a winter walk.

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  1. You may find your canine companion with a lot more energy during the winter than any other time of year. This may be a result of less time spent playing outside. When you do take your dog for a walk try adding extra weight to your pet, to tire them out. Don’t go crazy, a backpack with a few extra pounds on your dog will do.
  2. Make your dog’s life easier by shoveling a path for him before you begin your winter walk. Avoid slippery walks for both you and your four-legged pal by using pet safe ice melt instead of salt.
  3. Protect your pet’s paws by using pet safe ice melt instead of salt to avoid slippery walkways. The salt may create a reaction with ice that can burn paws. Not only should you use ice melt, but find booties for your pet as well. While you may be careful and use ice melt, that’s not a guarantee for the rest of the neighborhood. Also, it is hard to see any other hazardous materials covered in the snow during a walk. Protect your pet with fun pet booties this winter.
  4. Keep your pet hydrated before and after a winter walk. The winter is a dry time of year and dehydration often sneaks up on pets. Keep a close eye on them during your walks, if they are panting more than usual it may be time to end the walk and re-hydrate. Remember snow is not a substitute for water. There may be unseen waste or bacteria in snow that can harm your pet, try to avoid your pet eating snow while you are out and about.
  5. Leave a towel by the door to dry your dog off after your walk. Drying your dog off should remove the excess snow from your walk and help your pup warm up faster. You can also avoid your furry friend leaving muddy footprints all over the house this way!

Keep these tips in mind during your next winter walk with your canine companion.

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