Fun Fall Activities for Your Dog

There is still plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors with your pet this fall before the weather cools down too much. From apple and pumpkin patches to watching football, there are many ways to get outside and get active with your pet this fall.

Here are four fun fall activities to spend time with your pet:

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1. Pumpkin Picking

Bring your dog along to sniff out the best pumpkin. Nothing screams fun to your dog more than meeting new people and exploring unfamiliar surroundings. Your dog will be sure to thank you with lots of kisses for this adventurous outing. Pumpkins are fine to give dogs, so your furry friend can enjoy what you bring home just as much as you do.


2. Apple picking

Apples are in season too and your dog will love this outing just as much as pumpkin picking. Take your dog to the apple farm to lay in the shade or play in the leaves while you reach for the best apples to bring home. Apples are a great and healthy fall treat for your dog, so share your bushel when you get home.


3. Leaf Piles

Make raking the leaves fun. Bring your pet with you and watch as they roll around and play in the leaves. Embrace your inner child and jump in the leaves too! This is a great way for your dog to exercise while having a blast.


4. Football

Your dog may not be a golden receiver, but will enjoy a game of catch anyway. Catch is a fan favorite for dogs. Use a foam football that is easy on your dog’s teeth. Get your pet ready for Sunday’s football game by running around and practicing in the yard or the park.

Get outside, get active, and enjoy the crisp fall air.


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