Tips for Taking Your Dog on a Plane

Looking for tips for taking your dog with you on a plane? You’re ready to hop on an airplane and relax, but is it possible to bring your dog along? Your suitcase is all packed, flight itinerary is finalized, and your dog is ready and waiting to come along.

Taking a dog on vacation can be wildly fun, but consider these four tips to make the airplane journey more enjoyable for you, your pet, and others around you.


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  • Plan ahead. Make a packing list for your dog to ensure you do not forget any essentials your dog may need on the plane or while on vacation. Some staple items to bring include food, water (you will have to buy this at the airport or wait until the flight attendants come around with a beverage cart), a kennel or carrying case, and anything needed in case your pet has to go to the bathroom, such as a pet potty or pee pad.


  • Organize how your dog will travel with your airline. Depending on the size and breed of your dog, you can carry your pet on the plane or your pet can fly as checked baggage. Your airplane may ask you for a health certificate from your vet, so have a copy on-hand.


  • Your dog should be comfortable and well-behaved throughout the flight. Bring a favorite toy or blanket on the plane so your dog feels as relaxed as possible. Also consider some specific training beforehand so your dog won’t act up while in flight.


  • Ensure your dog has proper identification. When you are traveling, it’s important that your dog stays with you at all times, but just in case, your dog should have an identification tag with your phone number while you’re traveling. Some people even consider a microchip.


Have a wonderful vacation with your furry friend!


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