Pearl: DGP’s May Cat of the Month

Introducing Pearl, a 9 year old Siamese cat and newest DGP Cat of the Month.

This feisty feline has been the matriarch of her household for years. However, as she has gotten older Pearl has begun to slow down. Simple things like jumping onto the couch became too difficult for her. She would meow at her pet parents to let her onto the couch.

That all changed when her pet sibling, a rat terrier named Tilly, began taking DGP. After her pet parents saw what a positive difference it made for Tilly, they couldn’t wait to begin using DGP for Pearl as well.

Pearl is now back to doing all the things she loves to do, whether that be shredding toilet paper, cuddling with her pet mom on the couch, or playing with Tilly. Her pet parents are happy to see both of their furry friends enjoying their senior years with the help of DGP.

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