Prince: DGP’s February Cat of the Month

All hail our latest DGP Cat of the Month, Prince! Prince has been with his pet parent Katherine since he was a kitten. She has watched him grow, age, and enjoy spending time with his pet sibling. When this frisky feline isn’t prancing up and down the stairs, he is lounging around indoors.

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Prince, aged 10, lives with his family in an area with a lot of stairs and hills. As he has gotten older navigating the stairs has become more difficult. Once he began using DGP he was able to conquer the hilly terrain from top to bottom without hesitation after two weeks! Most recently, you can find this furry feline hanging out on the outdoor railings with his pet sibling, which he can only reach by jumping onto.

DGP is happy to put a pep back into Prince’s step!

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