DGP’s January Dogs of the Month: Bruno and Max

Introducing Bruno and Max our newest DGP Dogs of the Month! These fit canines have been with their pet-parent and marathon runner Nadia Ruiz since they were pups. When they aren’t helping Nadia train for her next triathlon, you can find these lovable dogs cuddling with her in bed or watching a movie!


Bruno, a 6 year old fawn boxer, is basically an overgrown puppy! This adorable pup has even mastered the ability to give kisses without licking. He just pushes his nose to your face and nudges a tab bit. If he isn’t showering his pet-parent with affection he is most likely snoring and unwinding from a long day of play.


Max, an 8 year old yellow lab, is the brave older pup of the two. On a trail run with his pet-family he managed to scare away a momma bear and her two cubs up a tree in the San Gabriel Mountains! Not only can he strike fear into bears, but he has completed trail runs of up to 22 miles. Way to go Max! You can also find Max swimming in his down time, he loves the water.


With a pet-parent like Nadia, how can these two canine companions not love the outdoors? They have been running and swimming with Nadia on adventures since they were small. As they have gotten older, they have slowed down slightly, but DGP has been able to keep their active lifestyle going. While Bruno and Max cannot participate in all of Nadia’s adventures as frequently, they still help her train when the mood strikes them!


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