10 Tips for Bringing your Dog to the Beach

The first day of summer is almost here, but the heat has already arrived. One great way for people (and canines) to cool off is to have a fun day at the beach.

Before you plan your day at the beach, remember you want your dog to have fun and be safe too. Here are some great tips for both you and your dog to safely enjoy the day together.

1. Make sure dogs are allowed at the beach you plan on going to. Not all beaches allow dogs, and some beaches might have specific times or sections for dogs to swim and lounge. Certain beaches may have leash and ID laws. You don’t want to get to the beach and have to turn back around because your best friend isn’t allowed. Plan ahead!
dog beach rock
2. It gets hot! If you’re sweating, just imagine having a fur coat on. You don’t want your furry friend to overheat. Bring plenty of water for your dog (and yourself) to stay hydrated. You can also pack or rent a beach umbrella for some shade.

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3. The cool ocean water will be very refreshing for your dog, but the salt can be dangerous. Make sure your dog isn’t drinking too much saltwater. Encourage Fido to drink only fresh water.

4. Just like humans, dogs can get sunburned. If their skin is a light tone or they have short hair or fur, make sure to apply sunscreen on them. Sunscreen for dogs does exist!

5. Always keep an eye on your dog. Make sure your dog doesn’t run into the ocean when you’re not able to watch. Just like humans, dogs can end up far out into the ocean because of tides. Dogs also love to dig. There can be hazards all over the beach including broken glass, broken seashells, garbage, and of course, sea creatures such as jellyfish and crabs that your dog will want to avoid.

6. Dogs might be able to “doggy paddle,” but they will be much safer with a dog life jacket. It’s a great addition to have a safe, fun time at the beach.
dogs in life jacket
7. Sand gets hot. You might not feel it when you’re wearing your flip flops, but your dog doesn’t wear shoes. Luckily, there are plenty of products such as wax that is spread on your dogs feet to protect from paw-burn.

8. Running on the sand with your dog might seem fun, but sand is denser than the street or grass you usually run on with your dog. Make sure to not strain your dog too much.

Woman And Dog Running On Beach At Sunset

9. Be courteous to the other people at the beach. Make sure your dog doesn’t run over someone else’s belongings or play roughly with strangers. Also, be prepared with plenty of plastic bags to pick up after your dog.

10. Sand gets everywhere! Make sure to rinse your dog off after spending time rolling in the sand so you don’t make a mess in your house or car.

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