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Weird Dog Behaviors Explained

You have probably seen your dog do some things that you think are totally bizarre. Have you wondered, “why does my dog do that?” We have definitely asked ourselves this question a lot! Dogs are different than humans in many ways so sometimes we may have no clue why they are doing something. Luckily, DGP will “myth bust” these strange behaviors and share the answers to those questions you’ve been wondering.

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Why do dogs tilt their head when there’s a strange noise?

While dogs have great hearing, they often have trouble locating the exact position or distance of the sound. Head tilting opens up the ear canal, allowing your dog to better judge where the noise is coming from. Dogs also do this as a way of letting you know that he or she is listening to you and perhaps waiting for you to say a “keyword.” Test this out by saying “do you want to…” and you will see your dog’s head tilt. Your furry friend is waiting for you to say “go for a walk!”

Why do dogs sniff another dog’s butt!?

Dogs have an extremely strong sense of smell, which is much stronger than ours. This is how they learn all about other dogs and their surroundings. When your dog sniffs another dog’s butt, he or she is learning that dog’s gender, emotions, diet, and whether or not he or she is sick. It is kind of like our version of a handshake and a hello!

Why do dogs roll around in something smelly outside?

It is common for dogs to roll around on dead animals that they find outside. This is a habit that they have carried down from their ancestors. There are two different theories for why exactly they do this. First, they may be trying to mask their own scent, making it easier for them to sneak up on prey. This was essential for when dogs had to hunt their own food. Second, it could be to brag about their hunt, showing dominance over other dogs.

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The next time you see your dog do one of these funny things, you don’t have to be puzzled or worried! All these behaviors are completely natural for dogs to do and lead back to their ancestry.

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