DGP’s April Dog of the Month: Geordie

Meet Geordie, our April Dog of the Month. Geordie is a 12 year old Border Collie from Delaware! At the age of 4, his veterinarian found that he had contracted Lyme Disease, causing him trouble with his joints. His joint pain began to grow, causing him to not act like his normal happy self. Geordie began snapping at anyone who bothered him because he was not feeling well.

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Geordie snow

His vet put him on antibiotics and other medication as well. Nothing seemed to work to truly help his discomfort. Looking for anything to help her Geordie feel better, his pet parent, Carol, went to a holistic vet and tried acupuncture for Geordie. While this remedy helped him, he still wasn’t his normal self. Within a few years, Geordie was still having trouble getting in and out of a car, he was noticeably stiff, and his walks became shorter. Carol even purchased a ramp to help Geordie get up and down. At one point, the vet even suggested that the time may have come to put the beloved dog to rest, but Carol refused.

While reading Best Friends Magazine, Carol came upon an advertisement for DGP. Running out of options, she decided to give it a try. Ever since Geordie began taking DGP, he has been his happy, energetic, playful self again. He can perform his favorite activities, such as playing outside in the snow. Carol says nothing has helped him as much as DGP has!

Geordie can’t stop running around now! His younger sister Molly, a 9 year old Border Collie mix, can’t even keep up with him at times. Carol, who walks Geordie for at least 3 miles every day, also has trouble matching her dog’s newly found energy. Carol has even begun taking FlexSolve 24/7 for healthy joint support to keep up. She also began giving Molly DGP to help her keep up with the family. Carol says Geordie is acting half his age and his eyes have been brighter than ever with happiness.

“DGP saved my dog!” says Carol. She will continue to use DGP on Geordie for the rest of his life. She is so happy to have her best buddy back in her life thanks to DGP.

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