Training Your Dog: Bath Time Edition

Bath time, a dreaded ordeal for most pet parents.  As an essential part of your pet’s health and also the biggest burden of pet care, bath time may be hated by everyone involved. But, what if the process could be made bearable or maybe even enjoyable for pet parents and furry friends alike? It can be! With a few tips and a positive outlook, bath time has the potential to be a nice bonding experience between you and your canine companion.

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Exercise first, bath second. Just like people, dogs prefer a dip in the water when they are hot and tired. Tap into your pet’s natural instincts and take your four-legged friend for a walk before bath time. If walks aren’t an option try playing catch or any energy depleting game. After playtime your dog will have less pent- up energy to fight the bath time process.

Think positive, the dog is watching! You lead by example, if you are dreading bath time, so will your dog. Make sure your body language and energy is positive. Dog’s will most likely pick up on any negative energy you send out. Try to approach the bath with calm energy to see what a difference it can make.

Bring playtime into the tub. It may be hard to stay positive when your dog just won’t cooperate. Try adding toys to your canine’s bath routine. The toys may offer a distraction to your pet and bring you and your furry companion closer together in the process.

It’s all about that water temperature. Dog’s may not enjoy their bath water as warm or cold as people do. They may not be able to vocally tell you, but watch their body language for signs that the water is too warm or too cold. It’s best to start with lukewarm water and gauge your pet’s reaction.

Ease into bath time. Some dog’s just don’t like water or bath time. Let your curious canine explore the empty bathtub to get accustomed to being in it. Place your dog in the tub and fill it slightly with water. If your pup is still anxious about bathing let them listen to the sound of running water to eliminate those feelings.  The goal is to have your dog feeling comfortable with bath time.

These tips may help those dreaded baths become another fun activity with your pet. If you are still struggling with bathing your pet consider getting professional help. It may seem extreme, but one session might make the entire experience better for you and your furry friend!

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