Meet the Puppies of the 2016 Puppy Bowl!

Who doesn’t love watching adorable puppies play with one another? As February rolls around, most people are getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday. Don’t forget that with the Super Bowl comes the must-watch Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet! If you have never heard of the Puppy Bowl, it is an event that features different puppies from over 40 animal rescues, fearlessly and adorably competing to score some touchdowns. When we say “scoring touchdowns,” we really mean watching puppies give sloppy kisses, play with their favorite toys, and topple over each other. The show is even complete with sports commentary and, this year there will be a kitty half-time show. In the past years, events like the annual Puppy Bowl have led to over 3,000 adoptions from rescues all over the country. How amazing is that?

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This year, #TeamFluff will be competing against #TeamRuff to take home the prize. Here are a few of the puppies we are rooting for on each team!

Brooklyn Puppy Bowl 2016

Brooklyn is a 13 week old female German Shepard puppy from Canine Companions Rescue Shelter in Michigan.

ChiChi Puppy Bowl 2016

ChiChi is a 15 week old female Chihuahua puppy from Citizens for Animal Protection in Texas.

Cooper Puppy Bowl 2016

Meet Cooper, a 15 week old male Great Pyrenees/Collie puppy from Paws Chicago in Illinois! Look for him on #TeamFluff.

Gryffin Puppy Bowl 2016

This is Gryffin, a male 15 week old Old English Sheepdog puppy from Florida Little Dog Rescue. He will be representing #TeamFluff.

Harper Puppy Bowl 2016

Harper is a 13 week old male Pitbull puppy from Williamson County Animal Shelter in Tennessee. #TeamRuff for Harper!

Toby Puppy Bowl 2016

Meet Toby, an 18 week old male Maltese puppy from Nevada SPCA. He will be completing for #TeamRuff.

Be sure to cheer on your favorite pups on Animal Planet on Sunday, February 7th from 3-5pm ET/PT before the big football event!

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