Khaleesi: DGP’s February Dog of the Month

All hail Khaleesi, DGP’s latest dog of the month and all around furry goddess. This loving German Shepherd has been a part of her family for two years after a “foster failure” experiment between her pet parents and German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County.

As the queen of her pet family, Khaleesi has two loyal pet siblings who look to her example by playing frisbee, swimming, and playing at the beach together. When she isn’t playing with her furry siblings, you can find her making human friends of all ages.

Khaleesi is more than a friendly pup, she also enjoys helping new foster dogs feel comfortable in her home. Her pet parents continue to foster dogs from her one time home, German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, and Khaleesi ensures each dog feels as loved as she was when she first entered her new home. This regal dog does more than play with her foster siblings, she also gauges each dog’s personality and adjusts her demeanor accordingly to help these new dogs feel comfortable in the unfamiliar environment. This has even helped some of the foster dogs to find forever homes with other families.

Being as social and active as Khaleesi is, her pet parents understand the importance of keeping her joints healthy. She takes a small dose of DGP periodically to keep her active without discomfort. They also hope to share Khaleesi’s story with the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County community, to help senior dogs become active again in an attempt to help them find loving forever homes like Khaleesi.

DGP is happy to see Khaleesi thriving in her new home and watch her continue to inspire other canines to do the same.

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