Fritz: DGP’s January Dog of the Month

Meet Histyles’ On the Fritz, aka Fritz, DGP’s January Dog of the Month. He is a 10 ½ Giant Schnauzer whose favorite sport is herding. This lovable pup also has two other Giant Schnauzer siblings.

Fritz has two titles in herding, a sport that keeps sheep in line. This adventure dog doesn’t only enjoy herding, often times you might find him pulling his favorite cart around. His pet family has volunteered for several years at the Grand Canyon to pick up trash and he is the official trash puller.

People loved seeing him and would pitch in to help clean up the Grand Canyon just so they could throw trash into his cart. Fritz and his cart have also been in numerous parades and he loves the attention the crowd gives him.

As he began to age, he was experiencing trouble getting up and pulling his precious cart. Once his rear end began shaking, his pet family started to look for solutions to his discomfort. This lovable pup’s family found relief for him in the form of DGP. After DGP, this adventure dog has been shaking less and is much more flexible. You can even find him playing with his toys and his younger dog siblings. DGP is happy to see Fritz back to his old self, herding sheep and pulling his chart.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Hi. Where can I buy it from Canada. Very expensive to order from Amazon or anywhere else. it has really helped my older Bernese
    Thank you


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