Muffin: DGP’s August Dog of the Month

Meet Muffin, our August Dog of the Month! Read all about this adorable long hair terrier’s story below.

Her full name is Muffin Kiki Hunt and she is 6 years old. She loves to go on car rides, walks, and to be held and loved. She also loves to play and is great with people, kids, and other animals.

Muffin used to belong to an older man that passed away, and his daughter gave her to someone who couldn’t take care of her or take her to the vet. Her current owner talked her into letting them take care of her. She was skinny, had fleas and ticks, and half of her hair was gone off her lower back. She could have died but her owner took her to a good vet and they helped to get her healthy again.

Her owner has now had her for 4 1/2 years. She is funny to watch sometimes and has her cute little quirks. She is very smart and knows how ride, walk, bed, and potty are spelled. She likes to go to bed early and will sit in hallway, staring at her owner as if she is telling her it’s bedtime. If her owner gets out of the chair, Muffin runs to bedroom and then comes back to see why her owner is not in there with her. She has her own bed in each room. She likes to stand on her hind legs and wave her paws until someone picks her up. When they have company, Muffin does not like for anyone to hug her owner and starts barking at them until they stop hugging her.

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