How to Spot Aches in Dogs

How to Spot Aches and Discomfort in Your Dog

How can you spot aches and discomfort in your dog? This can be a tricky thing to notice, but with these tips you can help your pup feel better in no time.

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1. Walking Abnormally

If your dog is walking in a way that is different from the way in which he or she normally walks, your dog could be experiencing discomfort in their joints.

2. Hunching

This is a sign your dog may be experiencing aches in his or her back area. Hunching and holding their head down helps them relieve the discomfort they might be experiencing otherwise.

3. Anger

If your dog keeps to his or her self or does not wish to be bothered by you, they may be angry. If they are not feeling the best, they will be in a poor mood and perhaps show their teeth at you.

4. Laziness

If your dog no longer wants to do his or her favorite activities, this can be a sign of body aches.

5. Difficulty with Stairs

Is your dog having trouble walking up and down the stairs? This can be a sign of discomfort.


Now that you know the signs that your dog could be experiencing aches and discomfort, you are probably wondering what you can do to help your pup out. There are various at-home solutions that may help relieve your dog of some discomfort.

1. Exercise

Treat your dog with a short walk or game of fetch! Exercise is important to keep your dog’s body alert and strong.

2. Healthy Diet

A healthy diet makes for a healthy dog! It is important that your dog does not gain extra weight because this can put more pressure on his or her joints.

3. DGP Natural Supplements

DGP is an herbal formulation that supports mobility and flexibility. It works quickly and has no negative side effects unlike most prescription medication!

4. Warmth

Warmth is good for your dog’s muscles and joints. The cold tends to make aches worse. Turn up the heat in your house or move your dog’s bed in front of the fireplace.

5. Ramps

Having ramps in your home will prevent your dog from jumping up on beds or couches, actions that can cause them to struggle physically.


Now you know how to spot if your dog is aching and ways to easily help them.

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