Fall Activities with Senior Dogs

Fall is here and everyone seems to be obsessing over it! Your furry friends can’t enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, but they can enjoy fun outdoor activities.

Here are a couple of activities to ensure that you and your dog have a fun fall season.

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Pumpkin or Apple Picking


Visiting a local pet-friendly pumpkin patch or apple farm can be a fun activity for you and your pup. Before heading to the farm:

  • Call to ensure that it is, in fact, pet-friendly.
  • Pack water for your furry friend and your family.  
  • Go for a walk! Dogs can get excited when they are running around, make sure to take them for a walk to avoid unwanted urination on the pumpkins.
  • Watch out for farm animals! Keep a close eye on your pet’s reaction to the other animals in the area.  
  • For the safety of your dog and the people at the pumpkin patch, ensure that your dog’s personality will allow for interaction with other animals and people.
  • Be careful with small children! Although your dog might want to show love to everyone at the pumpkin patch, not everyone will appreciate your dog’s affection. 


Hit the trails with your best friend! While the fall weather is still here, take your dog out to enjoy some fresh air during a hike. When researching different potential trails for hiking, look for places that won’t hurt your canine companion’s paws. Stay away from paths that consist of dangerous rocks and aim for a trail that has a lot of shade, lack of shade may burn your pet’s paws. Make sure your pet is prepared to spend the day away from home by packing enough food and water for your four-legged hiker.  Lastly, keep a leash on deck in case there is a lot of unexpected activity in the trail or park!


Safely take your furry friend on a road trip with you! Your barking buddy will be excited to spend time with you in the wild. When packing for a camping trip with your dog, be sure to include their necessities such as water and food supplies for the whole trip. Your dog’s diet should remain the same even when they are camping and having fun! In addition to food and water necessities, be sure to bring bedding and toys to keep your four-legged friend comfortable and occupied while they are away from home.


Play Football or Soccer!

Let your dog enjoy football season, too! Take them out to a football or soccer field with a couple of friends. They will love being able to throw around a ball with their pet parent. The shape of the football allows for your dog to fetch and catch with no issue! Look out for footballs or soccer balls that are too hard and can possibly damage their teeth. It is safer to purchase a ball made specifically for dogs.

Keep these fall-tastic activities in mind next time you are looking to spoil your barking buddy this season!

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