Pet Safety: Allergy Edition

Spring is coming and so are those dreaded springtime allergies. While our four-legged friends may be eager to get back outside, they should also be wary of the changing seasons. Allergy season can affect humans and dogs alike. Don’t let your canine suffer blindly! Be on the lookout for these signs that your dog is suffering from allergies this season.

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  1. Itching. A common allergy symptom for dogs is itching. It may be hard to notice, but if itching increases after your pet has been outside consider the culprit to be allergies.
  2. Irritated Skin. When exposed to an allergen dogs may break out in rashes, just like people! Make sure to check their stomachs, feet, and ears as those are areas that are affected the most.
  3. Rubbing their face. Pet’s may try to alleviate allergy symptoms by rubbing their face or bodies on couches or carpets. This may happen occassionally, but if it happens often your dog may be trying to tell you something.
  4. Licking. Keep a close eye on your pet after he comes back inside. If you find him licking his paws or stomach more often he may be trying to alleviate his skin.

Now that you know some allergy symptoms to look out for, here are some cures to help keep you and your furry friend happy and healthy.

  1. Clear the air. Most commonly, dogs suffer from environmental allergies found outdoors. It may be impossible for our four-legged friends to avoid them, but we can alleviate those symptoms by keeping their indoor environment clean.
  2. Bathe your pet. If your dog’s symptoms manifest in itching and irritated skin a bath may help. Rinsing the allergens away might provide your canine with instant relief. Don’t be shy about bathing your pet too often, they will thank you if their allergies leave them scratching.
  3. Soak their paws. Sometimes dogs are their own worst enemy. While they are outside they come into contact with whatever they are allergic too and often times they bring it inside with them. Make sure to soak their paws in between baths to keep their indoor environment free of allergens.

Remember if you dog is suffering from allergies it is always safest to consult with a veterinarian.

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