Chance: DGP’s September Dog of the Month

Meet Chance, DGP’s September Dog of the Month! Chance, a 9 year old yellow lab, loves to play with his friends at the park!

Chance was diagnosed with FCP and arthritis at a very young age. As a result he has been prescribed numerous medications throughout his lifetime. Unfortunately, he was not able to tolerate his latest round of NSAIDs prescribed by the vet. As his discomfort grew, Andrea, his pet parent, began to search  for different supplements to give her furry friend. Temporary relief came in the form of a flavanoid supplement she found for a few years. However, this supplement proved to be ineffective as well, so the search for a new lasting supplement continued. Cue DGP! After Andrea decided to give DGP a try, a remarkable difference could be seen in this four-legged pup within weeks. He was even weaned off his prescribed medications.

Chance started taking DGP approximately 8 months ago, and hasn’t looked back.  His pet parent realized that DGP was the solution she had been hoping for. He was back to running and playing like a puppy again!

Chance is  Andrea’s (pet parent) first service dog and has been extremely helpful since joining the family. Not only does this service dog offer unconditional love to his pet family, he also shares his uncanny work ethic with them. Chance insists on carrying their groceries to the car and also thrives on the attention it brings him. “Look at that dog,” is his favorite phrase. He’s always happy to stop for pictures when asked.

A couple years ago, this canine companion even managed to save a person’s life during a trip to the grocery store. During their visit, Chance started barking, just a low bark, once every few seconds. Once he began tugging on his leash and refusing to listen to behavioral instructions, some staff members realized he was trying to tell them something. This dedicated service dog eventually lead the group of grocers to an elderly man sitting on a bench in the store. Shortly after the group arrived, the man passed out and the paramedics were promptly called. Chance insisted on staying with this man until the ambulance arrived. It wasn’t until almost a year later that Chance and his pet mom saw him again. The man recognized and embraced his furry hero immediately!

DGP is happy to give Chance the opportunity to keep saving lives!

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