August 2019 Dog of the Month – Louie

Louie is 14 years old. This little guy has been through a lot of health challenges, and is now blind, deaf, and a diabetic. He also has Addison’s disease. Louie is from Idaho. His owner wanted a Westie without allergies and got their new pup through a breeder. This was a big mistake, as the pitfalls of hobby breeding have caused him to have a whole host of health issues.

Despite his illnesses, his owners cherish every day with this pooch. He is an only dog. His owners have noted that their next dog will be a rescue after their experience purchasing from a breeder.

Louie and his beloved family!

This little West Highland terrier is sick a lot, but he still enjoys life, so for now he remains his owner’s one dog who they can’t imagine being without!

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